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Hello and Welcome to my Website

Professional organic gardener, garden design, and creative maintenance 


I hope this website has all the information you need about my services and projects.

Gardening to me is life's biggest pleasure - a slice of land which you can call your own, no matter how large or small.

I pride myself on being a real 'gardener's' gardener, providing the best horticultural services to all my customers - from regular hourly maintenance to bespoke garden design.

I am happy to guide even the most horticulturally challenged to have the garden they have always wanted. 

Do check out my new page on 'no dig' gardening - and I am happy to come and give talks on various topics - see my 'talks' page.

Professional organic gardening

I pride myself on being an organic gardener... But what is an organic gardener and how can you make changes to the way you garden to being a little more mindful of the environment?

Garden Design

I am happy to discuss anything from a new planting scheme for your borders, reshaping and restyling your garden, to a full garden design

Creative Garden maintenance

Not just pulling up weeds but maintaining and developing your garden into the green space you have always wanted!

'No dig' Gardening

Much more information on 'no dig' gardening.

I can help start you off, come and advise, or come and talk to your local horticultural group about no dig projects. Click here.

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Some of our projects

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Photos from a working day

Josh planting up
Design stage 1 nearing completion
Parterre - see design page
Clematis Montana
Unfurling ferns
Shasta Daisy

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or telephone: 07780 332452